Investigation Of Ariana Grande Leaked Nudes Prove They Are Real

An investigation conducted by the world-renowned CSI (Celebrity Slut Investigators) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has concluded that pop star Ariana Grande’s leaked nude cell phone pics are 100% real.

However, Ariana Grande stubbornly remains one of the few celebs to still not confess her sins and admit that she is a nude selfie taking whore. Let us look at the evidence put forth by the Riyadh CSI below and judge for ourselves.

Ariana Grande ass

First we have this ass comparison featuring a recent photo Ariana Grande posted to her Twitter account next to one of her leaked nude photos. As you can see the shape of the ass and distance between the thighs (AKA thigh gap) is nearly identical.

Ariana Grande pussy

In perhaps one of the most damning pieces of evidence, we have this photo of Ariana Grande showing off her fat pussy… cat that is. As you can see, in one of the nude pics that same obese feline can be seen in the mirror laying on the floor.

Ariana Grande nude proof

Next we have this photo of Ariana Grande again showing off her petite butt, and in it you can clearly see she has the same red wrist bands, pink nail polish, and highlights in her hair as the girl in the nude photo.

Ariana Grande nude proof

Finally we have our last piece of evidence which is of course the fact that you can see Ariana Grande’s face in this nude photo!

As you can see, there can be no doubt that the Ariana Grande leaked nudes are authentic. It is infuriating that Ariana Grande refuses to own up to her crimes against morality despite the overwhelming amount of evidence proving her guilt. Needless to say if she does not repent soon and beg forgiveness, us Muslims will not go easy on her when she is eventually brought to justice, and is sentenced to 10 years of hard sodomy in a Islamabad brothel by a Sharia court.