Kylie Jenner Rubs Her Sister Kendall’s Vagina On Video

Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner

Kylie Jenner just caused quite a stir with the Snapchat video below. In the video Kylie can be seen grinding with her older sister Kendall. Kylie then very clearly slides her hand down the front of Kendall’s shorts, and rubs her vagina causing Kendall to exclaim “Kylie ohhh!”

Clearly this is not the first time that Kylie and Kendall have engaged in incestuous sinful lesboqueer sex acts. One can easily imagine that the over-sexualized hormone charged younger teen Kendall and Kylie spent many hours exploring their sisterly bodies, and pleasuring each other with the sex toys they borrowed from father Bruce Jenner’s extensive collection.

Of course it is outrageous and morally reprehensible for sisters to engage in incestuous sexual behavior like we see in this video, and both girls should be punished… For the Qur’an in its infinite wisdom decrees that incest should only occur between brother and sister (if initiated by the brother), father and daughter, or uncle and niece, and that anything else is haram and punishable by flogging or lapidation.