SI Accidentally Posts A Pic Of Kate Upton’s Vagina

Kate Upton vagina

Yesterday was super model Kate Upton’s 22nd birthday, and to celebrate Sports Illustrated posted 22 pictures of Kate to their website. Only someone forgot to tell the web editor to not use the pre-Photoshop pictures of Kate Upton in body paint, and he accidentally included the photo above in which Kate’s vagina is clearly visible.

This is obviously an original photo of Kate Upton naked in body paint, as not only is her sin slit visible but so are the tattoos on her finger and wrist. The photos of Kate in body paint that made it into the magazine look like the one below, in which you can clearly see her tattoos and vagina have been Photoshopped out.

Kate Upton

Not only did Sports Illustrated mistakenly post a pre-edited photo of Kate Upton’s beaten up looking baby cave yesterday, but (as you can see in the photo below) they also included one in which Kate’s nipple is visible.

Kate Upton nipple

This was clearly another mistake as this same photo appeared in the magazine sans nipple, as you can see in the photo below.

Kate Upton nipple

It should go without saying that someone at Sports Illustrated is going to get fired over accidentally posting these pictures, and that this is probably not the first time that Kate Upton’s vagina has ruined someone’s life.