Zendaya Nude And Spread Open

Zendaya nude

Disney star Zendaya spreads open her legs and lady lips in the shocking nude photo above.

Of course what is surprising about this pic is not that Zendaya is posing nude (she is a Disney star after all), but rather that despite clearly having the body of a overly tan white girl, Zendaya continues to insist that she is a no good dirt skin abid.

Only in the completely backwards Western world would someone lie to try and be associated with the primitive mud people. While it may be slightly understandable to do so to get into Harvard despite being just semi-literate (like President Obama did), girls like Zendaya only want to be black so that they can claim victimhood and complain about how oppressive society is on them. Well unfortunately for Zendaya she has no idea how oppressive a society can be, for when America finally falls to Islam thanks to people like her crying for entitlements, Zendaya will be spending her days out working on the poppy plantations and singing church hymns with all the other worthless crybaby she-boons to distract themselves from the pain of the whip.