Melanie Ratcliff Nude Scene From “Are You Here”

Melanie Ratcliff nude

The video below features Melanie Ratcliff’s critically acclaimed nude scene from the film “Are You Here”.

As you can see Melanie exhibits an enormous amount of acting talent in this nude scene… The fact that she has not been cast in any movies since speaks volumes either about the flamingly homoqueer nature of Western culture, or the fact that Melanie gives awful toothy casting couch blowjobs… Perhaps both are the case.

Regardless of the reason behind Melanie’s lack of Hollywood success one thing from this nude scene is abundantly clear… Melanie has a place in a virile Muslim’s household as a scrub maiden. For with her long lanky body she can reach under tables and into tight corners while being pounded from behind by her Muslim master’s massive meat scud, thus maintaining an increased level of productivity.