Next-Generation Sequencing — An Overview of the History, Tools, and “Omic” Applications

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There has been an increasing intensity of attacks in areas of Cabo Delgado province dating back to January Militants have used explosives, machetes​.

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Summary of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1883)

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A comprehensive collection of clinical examination OSCE guides that include step-by-step images of key steps, video demonstrations and PDF mark schemes. A comprehensive collection of OSCE guides to common clinical procedures, including step-by-step images of key steps, video demonstrations and PDF mark schemes. A collection of communication skills guides, for common OSCE scenarios, including history taking and information giving.

A collection of data interpretation guides to help you learn how to interpret various laboratory and radiology investigations. A comprehensive collection of medical revision notes that cover a broad range of clinical topics. A collection of anatomy notes covering the key anatomy concepts that medical students need to learn. Each clinical case scenario allows you to work through history taking, investigations, diagnosis and management.

A collection of free medical student quizzes to put your medical and surgical knowledge to the test! Some of the questions are highly personal and therefore good communication skills and a respectful manner are absolutely essential. A patient is currently 26 weeks pregnant and already has two other children of her own. She also reports having had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and a stillbirth at 28 weeks.

Radioactivity and nuclear reactions worksheet answers chapter 18

For geological purposes, this is taken as one year. Another slideshare of expressing this is the half-life period given the symbol T. The half-life is the time it takes for half of the parent atoms to decay. The relationship between the two is: Many different radioactive isotopes and techniques are used for dating.

Quaternary dating. Techniques – basics. Advantages and limitations. Age ranges. Selected examples. Dating techniques. Sidereal chronometers. Varves.

NGS is the choice for large-scale genomic and transcriptomic sequencing because of the high-throughput production and outputs of sequencing data in the gigabase range per instrument run and the lower cost compared to the traditional Sanger first-generation sequencing method. NGS today is more than ever about how different organisms use genetic information and molecular biology to survive and reproduce with and without mutations, disease, and diversity within their population networks and changing environments.

Next-generation sequencing NGS refers to the deep, high-throughput, in-parallel DNA sequencing technologies developed a few decades after the Sanger DNA sequencing method first emerged in and then dominated for three decades [ 1 , 2 ]. The NGS technologies are different from the Sanger method in that they provide massively parallel analysis, extremely high-throughput from multiple samples at much reduced cost [ 3 ]. Millions to billions of DNA nucleotides can be sequenced in parallel, yielding substantially more throughput and minimizing the need for the fragment-cloning methods that were used with Sanger sequencing [ 4 ].

The second-generation sequencing methods are characterized by the need to prepare amplified sequencing libraries before undertaking sequencing of the amplified DNA clones, whereas third-generation single molecular sequencing can be done without the need for creating the time-consuming and costly amplification libraries [ 5 ]. The parallelization of a high number of sequencing reactions by NGS was achieved by the miniaturization of sequencing reactions and, in some cases, the development of microfluidics and improved detection systems [ 6 ].

The time needed to generate the gigabase Gb -sized sequences by NGS was reduced from many years to only a few days or hours, with an accompanying massive price reduction. For example, as part of the Human Genome Project, the J.

Obstetric History Taking – OSCE Guide

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daterange: daterange: limits your search to a particular date or range of dates that a page was indexed. filetype:pdf. “leading economic indicators” filetype:ppt​.

It laid the foundations for a single currency, the euro, and significantly expanded cooperation between European countries in a number of new areas:. The Treaty was signed in the Dutch city of Maastricht, which lies close to the borders with Belgium and Germany. It was the result of several years of discussions between governments on deepening European integration.

The parliaments in each country then ratified the Treaty, in some cases holding referendums. The Maastricht Treaty officially came into force on 1 November and the European Union was officially established. Since then, a further 16 countries have joined the EU and adopted the rules set out in the Maastricht Treaty or in the treaties that followed later.

The Maastricht Treaty paved the way for the creation of a single European currency — the euro. It was the culmination of several decades of debate on increasing economic cooperation in Europe. The main objective for the ECB is to maintain price stability , i. The idea of a single currency for Europe was first proposed in the early s by the European Commission.

What is the International Date Line?

Oh, this lesson is awesome! Because of the nature of the class, the students do not tend to be readers, nor are they generally intrinsically-motivated to read. They really enjoyed the lesson, and my eighth grade library assistants, who saw the speed dating as they worked in the library, all asked me to do this with their classes, too. The best part? The classes I did this with were excellent at reading quietly, even though many of them are struggling readers!

Perforation of the gastrointestinal tract may be suspected based upon the patient’s clinical presentation, or the diagnosis becomes obvious.

The normal length of pregnancy is 37 to 41 weeks. Early term is from 37 weeks to 38 weeks and 6 days. Full term is 39 weeks to 40 weeks and 6 days. Late term is 41 weeks to 41 weeks and 6 days. Postmaturity dysmaturity is a word used to describe babies born after 42 weeks. Very few babies are born at 42 weeks or later. Researchers don’t know why some pregnancies last longer than others. Getting an ultrasound in the first trimester the first 12 weeks is the most accurate way to tell the date of pregnancy, unless the date of conception is specifically known, such as with in vitro fertilization.

After one post-term pregnancy, the risk of a second post-term birth increases by 2 to 3 times. Other, minor risk factors include:. Some of those symptoms are:. Symptoms of postmaturity sometimes look like other health conditions. Tests may need to be done such as:.

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Visit Us Contact Us. The Paris Convention applies to industrial property in the widest sense, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models a kind of “small-scale patent” provided for by the laws of some countries , service marks, trade names designations under which an industrial or commercial activity is carried out , geographical indications indications of source and appellations of origin and the repression of unfair competition.

The substantive provisions of the Convention fall into three main categories: national treatment, right of priority, common rules.

The exact day, date and time for submission of the admission form with all the relevant documents (as per Annexure-I) shall be intimated to you by the school.

Monazite geochronology is a dating technique to study geological history using the mineral monazite. It is a powerful tool in studying the complex history of metamorphic rocks particularly, as well as igneous , sedimentary and hydrothermal rocks. The uniqueness of monazite geochronology comes from the high thermal resistance of monazite, which allows age information to be retained during the geological history.

Also, textures of monazite crystals may represent certain type of events. Therefore, direct sampling techniques with high spatial resolution are required, in order to study these tiny zones individually, without damaging the textures and zonations. The advantage of monazite geochronology is the ability to relate monazite compositions with geological processes. Finding the ages of compositional zones can mean finding the ages of geological processes. Monazite is a rare-earth-element phosphate mineral , with the chemical formula e.

It appears in a small amount as an accessory mineral in many igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. These two elements are what make this mineral suitable for radiometric dating. In the radioactive processes, the three unstable parent isotopes decay into their respective stable daughter isotopes of Pb. Each following a decay chain consisting of alpha and beta decays , parent isotopes U, U and Th, decay into a series of intermediate daughter isotopes, and finally lead to stable isotopes, Pb, Pb and Pb, respectively.

Each decay chain has a unique half-life , which means the daughter isotopes are generated at different rates.

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